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P.O.s made out to CalSAVE will be returned for correction.
Make P.O. payable to:
MNJ Technologies Direct Inc.
PO BOX 7461
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Fax PO to CalSAVE: (866) 488-3729

Please include your email address on your cover sheet! We will email you confirmation that we received it.

MNJ Technologies

MNJ Technologies Direct provides over 400,000 I.T. products from a comprehensive list of manufacturers. We utilize over 40 distribution facilities nationwide to deliver products in a timely and efficient manner. MNJ leverages relationships with manufacturers the likes of HP, IBM, Juniper, Cisco, Xerox, Toshiba, Dell and many others. As a certified woman-owned business, combined with the above capabilities, MNJ enables its clients to achieve their Diversity Program goals (WBE and small business) without sacrificing their expectations.

MNJ offers a wide range of basic I.T. commodity items such as tape media, hard drives, printers, LCD displays, and supplies. In addition to day to day needs MNJ offers solution architects to deliver complex solutions, such as SANs, disaster recovery, comprehensive printing solutions, and server consolidation and virtualization. Through our services organization we are able to complete our offering and address all our client�s requirements.


Bryan Markey - Southeast CA
MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc.
SLED Acccount Manager
(P) 800-870-4340 Ext. 8328

Whit Hill - Northwest CA
MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc.
SLED Acccount Manager
(P) 800-870-4340 Ext. 8346

Steve Kaus - Central CA
MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc.
SLED Account Manager & CA Team Lead
phone: 800-870-4340 Ext: 8321

Patrick Barnes
SLED Account Manager & AEPA Lead
phone: 800-870-4340 Ext. 8377

For information of Cisco Meraki click here.

Ordering Instructions
  • Ordering products from MNJ Technologies can be done in many ways. Orders are accepted via Web Orders, Faxed Purchase Orders, and Verbal Phone Orders.
  • MNJ Technologies Direct accepts many forms of payment including P-Cards, Purchase Orders.
    • Purchase Orders must include Bill To, Ship To, Purchase Order Number, MFG or MNJ Part Number, Quantity, Description of Product, CalSAVE Contract Cost and in applicable taxes.
  • Orders can be submitted to MNJ Technologies via the CalSAVE/MNJ portal at , faxed to MNJ Technologies at 847-876-5677 or by calling 800-870-4340 and asking for a CalSAVE account manager to provide quotes and orders.

Contract Documentation:
Click here to view the MNJ Technologies Direct Inc.'s Contract Documentation. (PDF 1754K)
(Get the free Adobe Reader here)

Extension of Agreement:
Click here to view MNJ Technologies Direct Inc.'s Contract Extension Agreement.

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